What’s been going on behind the scenes at MHA? We are pleased to unveil our rebranding—complete with a new logo and new website! Inspired by the horse, our new logo represents MHA for many reasons. What does wealth management strategy have to do with a horse? We’re happy to tell you…

Strength. Whether you picture the iconic Ferrari symbol—a black prancing horse on a yellow background, or the sleek running horse on the Ford Mustang logo—the horse is symbolic to the power we bring to the table. Though we may be sitting at a conference table, our minds are running on horsepower.


    Passion. A universal symbol of freedom without restraint, the horse creates thoughts of travel, movement and desire. In every engagement, we bring unbridled passion and blaze the trail for our clients.


    Agility. The horse in our logo is likened to the horse in chess—the knight. Its power is given by its uniqueness; the knight has the special ability to jump over other pieces and move in multiple directions at once. When combined with strategy, the Mysterious Powers of the Knight are truly second to none.


    At Mink Hollow Advisors, we believe these equine-inspired attributes are special individually, but together, they are the unique force behind our outsized results.

    For broker dealers and the tech companies that assist them, we bring the horsepower, the passion and the strategy so our clients can charge ahead in the industry. Ready to blaze the trail? Let’s talk.